Merrylue Martin 


Merrylue Martin is a learning and development professional with over twenty-five years' experience in public education and corporate employee development. Currently, as Vice President of Comcast University for Comcast Cable, she oversees the operational execution and training delivery for over twenty-two thousand employees located throughout the West Division. 


Merrylue began her professional career in public education as a high school teacher and assistant principal in Southern California. After ten years in the public education field, Merrylue transitioned into the business world where she held successive, corporate leadership positions with Parke-Davis, TRW Business Services, and Solution Selling®.


In 1995, she launched her own global sales training/leadership development business and delivered training programs and content design consulting services to clients such as Microsoft, Intel, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Toyota, and J.P. Morgan. As president of Merrylue Martin & Associates, she was responsible for the delivery of over four-hundred sales and coaching workshops to approximately five-thousand sales leadership executives within the Fortune 500 sector.


In 2004 Merrylue sold her intellectual property to a national training conglomerate and decided to re-enter the corporate world by joining Comcast Cable in the Washington region as a leadership development specialist. In 2007 she became the Director of Learning & Development and in 2009 relocated to Parker, Colorado to take the position of Vice President of Comcast University for the West Division.


Merrylue holds a Master's degree in Education from Chapman University and a Doctorate in      Educational Leadership from Pepperdine University. In her spare time she enjoys all things "art and music" specializing in mixed-media collage, miniatures, and paper crafts. With her husband Jim, she also writes and produces puppet shows for the church pre-school crowds . . . her toughest critics yet.

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