Career Development

​​The evolution of working life is dynamic to each individual. No matter where you are on your career journey, The WICT Network will help you unearth your potential, grow your talents and achieve your professional goals.

The WICT Network’s chapters are a great way to access professional development locally, which is where a membership becomes so valuable. With tight travel budgets, sometimes l​ocal programs are our members’ only means of accessing continuing education resources. In addition to their in-person programs, chapters have wholeheartedly embraced webinars as an option for providing programming, especially those chapters that cover large geographic areas.

On a global level, our educational programs can be accessed both in-person and virtually. We’ve created learning opportunities that are tailored for every career level, from entry level to the C-suite, and each membe​r can essentially chart her own course. They can start with the open access programs, like our free webinars and the annual Leadership Conference in New York. And then as our typical member moves up the ladder, The WICT Network is right there with her as she progresses through the Rising Leaders Program, the Executive Development Series, Betsy Magness Leadership Institute and Betsy Magness Graduate Institute – all of which culminates in our top offering, the Senior Executive Summit, designed for the upper echelons of the industry in conjunction with the Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

In addition to the programs The WICT Network develop​s, the online Job Center brings together companies in search of talent and members in transition who are looking for new opportunities.​