Past Red Circle Awards

​​​​​Created in 2009, the Red Circle Awards acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of outstanding members across the Carolinas. Congratulations to all our past winners!

WICT Carolinas 2016 Red Circle Award Winners

Back row: Sandi Ettinger, Lindsey Sheffield, Dale Ardizzone, Colleen Schmidt, Patrice White. 
Front row: Kimberli O’Meara, Janet Manzullo, Lisa Weller

Lisa Weller-Outstanding Mentor Award Winner 

Lindsey Sheffield – Woman to Watch Award Winner

Patrice White – Inspiration Award Winner

Kimberli O’Meara-Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

Colleen Schmidt – Impact Award Winner

Sandi Ettinger Excellence Award Winner

Dale Ardizzone - Champion Award

Janet Manzullo - Carol A. Hevey Leadership Award

WICT Carolinas 2015 Red Circle Award Winners


Rachele Salisbury - Inspiration Award 

Christine Rodocker Outstanding Mentor Award
Angela Kyler - Excellence Award

Angela Kyler - Carol A. Hevey Leadership Award

Mark Boehler Champion Award

Allison Runge - Impact Award  
Jessica Dohy - Woman to Watch Award ​​

WICT Carolinas 2014 Red Circle Award Winners


Melissa ParksInspiration Award

Susan BramiOutstanding Mentor Award
Doug George Champion Award

Sandra HoweCarol A. Hevey Leadership Award
Janet Glenn Impact Award 
Sara Thomas
Excellence Award
Courtney Hinesley BakerWoman to Watch Award​


WICT Carolinas 2013 Red Circle Award Winners


Khanspasha Feaster - Woman to Watch Award

Charlon McIntosh – Outstanding Mentor Award
Carole Hart - Carol A. Hevey Leadership Award​​
Susan Leepson – Excellence Award
Rose Dangerfield - Inspiration Award
Cheryl Robbins - Impact Award
Matt Pavlik Champion Award

WICT Carolinas 2012 Red Circle Award Winners


Jonica Hartman- Woman to Watch Award
Sara Thomas – Outstanding Mentor Award
Charlene Keys – Carol A. Hevey Leadership Award
Melissa Buscher - Excellence Award
Christine Whitaker - Inspiration Award
Wendye Martin – Impact Award
Ashley Davis – Champion Award

WICT Carolinas 2010/2011 Red Circle Award Winners


Cyndee EvermanCarol A. Hevey Leadership Award 
Jennifer ChastainWoman to Watch Award
Rose Bailey Inspiration Award
Rhonda JohnstonOutstanding Mentor Award
Kathy Hanaburgh Excellence Award
Margie Fry, Lee Shealy, Lorri Evans, Janet Glenn, Monica AlexanderImpact Award

WICT Carolinas 2009 Red Circle Award Winners


Dianne Blackwood - Carol A. Hevey Leadership Award 
Crystal Robinson - Woman to Watch Award
Sharon Duggins Inspiration Award
Kim Cannon - Outstanding Mentor Award
Dee Jones - Excellence Award
Beth Alphin - Impact Award