Rising Star Mentoring Program

Announcing WICT’s 2018 Rising Star Mentoring Program

Application Deadline:  Friday, December 15th, 2017 


"One of the most helpful things I leaned during this program was learning about myself. The Myers & Briggs assessment gave me a clear understanding of how I present myself at the work place and in my personal life." (Kadiatu Jalloh, Comcast, 2017 Rising Stars Mentoring Program)


We are thrilled to welcome back Jane Moyer, Founder and President of New Century Leadership LLC, to lead next year’s WICT Rising Star Mentoring Program.

In keeping with last year’s success, this program takes the traditional mentor, mentee format and broadens it to include mentoring from peer partners, a leadership coach and guest senior executives.  Together, the participants will seek out their authentic style, build strong alliances, and set their career strategy.

Jane, a longtime member of WICT, is a skilled professional coach, specializing in developing talent. She will guide the group through five sessions aimed at developing leadership style and strengths, organizational effectiveness, personal brand, and career strategy.


The WICT Rising Star Mentorship Program is aligned with WICT’s mission to develop female leaders who transform our industry. It is designed for talented professionals who demonstrate high potential and a desire for career advancement. The materials, assessments, and executive guidance delivered through the program are of tremendous value.
We are happy to offer it to you for the minimal cost of the class materials.

Cost for Members & Non- Members: $250


"This program helped me realize that certain attributes of mine aren’t a weakness. I learned that I need to focus more on my strengths to develop myself instead of trying to fix my weaknesses." (Andrea McGuire, Comcast, 2016 Rising Stars Mentoring Program) 


Participant requirements:

This program is a competitive, application-based program designed for active WICT members who:

  • Have 3-5 years career experience
  • Have management responsibilities (or significant customer or organizational responsibilities)
  • Seek significant career growth
  • Are ready to participate actively and contribute to the Rising Star group
  • Are recommended by their manager


Program Format

Over the course of seven months, you will participate in five half-day interactive workshops and additional event activities.  Jane will guide you through an in depth discovery on your leadership style and strengths, and organization culture. The environment will encourage peer relationships, and allow for opportunities to learn from Executive Level WICT mentors.   Assessments, exercises, peer partner meetings and resources provided between sessions will help you accelerate and activate your learning. 



The first half of the program will lay the foundation for authentic leadership through increased self-awareness (The below dates are tentative):

1. Feb 23, 2018 – Comcast, Oak Brook Office – Inner Pilates: Strengthening Your Core – Strengths, Values & Learning


2. April 13, 2018– Comcast, Naperville Office – You: A User’s Guide: Developing Your Authentic Leadership Style

The second half of the program will focus on increasing organizational effectiveness and career strategy (The below dates are tentative):


3.  June 15, 2018– Arris, Lisle Office – You & Your Organization:  Organizational Values, Culture & Influence


4. Aug 10, 2018 – Comcast, Naperville Office – Career Planning & Strategy: Personal Goals, Branding & Productivity


5. Sept 14, 2018 – Comcast, Oak Brook Office – Charting Your Future: Your Career Plan, Relationships, Communication & Progress


6.  October 5, 2018 – Comcast, Oak Brook Office – Graduation Ceremony/End of year Networking Event


APPLY HERE 2018 Mentoring Application.xlsx

 Program Acceptance Requirements

  • Applicants must meet the criteria in the participant requirements outlined above
  • Completed Rising Star 2018 application
  • Letter of recommendation from their manager
  • Provide an updated resume
  • Upon acceptance commit to a program fee of $250 for course materials

Participants will be selected based on the content of their application, letter of recommendation, and interview feedback.


"This program allows you to take a deep dive into who you are and what you can do. I think one of the most useful activities we did was our Strengths Finder assessment and reading in more detail about our strengths. I also think taking the Myers Briggs assessment was very beneficial. It gave me the opportunity to understand why I do things the way I do and how that makes sense for my personality type. It allows you to think about others in terms of their Myers Briggs which yields better communication and collaboration. Every session had positive and informative takeaways along with all of our assignments." (Taylor Minger, Comcast, 2017 Rising Stars Mentoring Program)


About Jane Moyer
Jane Moyer is Founder and President of New Century Leadership LLC. As a talent developer, Jane works with a diverse range of smart professionals who want to advance.   Combining the best of timeless leadership and business principles with tools and thinking especially needed for success in the 21st Century, she works with them to uncover talents, upgrade skills, and develop strategies and confidence to deploy their full capacity and flourish.  Prior to founding her own company in 2004, Jane served as Senior Vice President and General Manager for Home Box Office.  She is a member of WICT and a graduate of WICT’s Betsy Magness Leadership Institute. ​