The Latest News from WICT

  • WICT Announces 2020 Touchstone Partners

    WICT’s Strategic Touchstone Partners, a select group of leading organizations, show their commitment to diversity and inclusion by supporting WICT’s professional development programs, research projects and advocacy initiatives. This year’s partners include Charter Communications, Comcast NBCUniversal and the Walter Kaitz Foundation.

  • Statement from WICT Headquarters

    As an organization whose mission is based on equality, WICT is committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life. We will never stop using our platform to shine a spotlight on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. All of us wish for peace and wellness for all of our sisters and brothers in our extended community.

  • Our Industry Responds to COVID-19

    Our industry provides content and connectivity to millions of customers, and we are proud to support the efforts of our stakeholders to enable people to continue to be active and engaged citizens. We are pleased to share examples of the important role cable, media and technology companies play in keeping us connected and productive. The list of activities is updated as of May 29, 2020.

  • WICT Announces 2020 Chapter Presidents and Advisors

    Meet the esteemed volunteer leaders who will serve as Chapter Presidents and Chapter Advisors this year. Each of the individuals who lend their time and expertise so generously are exemplary representatives of WICT and its mission.

  • WICT Announces 2019 Chapter Award Honorees

    WICT Greater Philadelphia Chapter receives Chapter of the Year; Fernanda Merodio, WICT Latin America, named Chapter President of the Year and Marge Jackson, WICT Greater Philadelphia, named Chapter Advisor of the Year