WICT Leadership Conference

September 16-17, 2019
New York Marriott Marquis

Join us as we celebrate WICT’s 40th Anniversary!

The WICT Leadership Conference is the renowned leadership development event for the cable industry. Through inspiring keynote speakers and innovative workshops covering a variety of topics, as well as connecting with industry colleagues, attendees were immersed in leadership activities designed to help impact their career and their company’s bottom line.

Registration includes attendance at the WICT Touchstones Luncheon on Monday, September 16. During the luncheon, WICT will recognize our 2019 Women of the Year and Women to Watch honorees


Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson and Monique Lamoureux-Morando, USA Women’s Hockey gold medalist, will kick off the 2019 WICT Leadership Conference. The keynote conversation will take place during the opening general session on Monday, September 16.

Here are a few of the compelling sessions in this year’s program, each designed to help you prepare for the future workplace:

The Ready Zone: Lead, Inspire, Shatter Your Limits

Welcome to the new world of media: merger mania, emerging powerhouses, and epic transactions of long-standing assets. As top chiefs manage these transformations, many executives find themselves asking, « Where do I fit in or how do I stay relevant? » The secret ingredient is adapting rapidly and creating an environment of trust, respect and safety for yourself and others. When leaders commit to cultivating a culture of clarity, versus one of confusion, the result is an engaged, powerful and profitable workplace culture called The Ready Zone. Join this highly-interactive and engaging session as we reveal practical strategies and performance indicators to ready you for the future workplace.

Negotiate Like a Pro

Salary negotiations are difficult conversations that can make even the toughest among us break out in a cold sweat. If the thought of negotiating makes your stomach churn, you are not alone. But this primer on salary negotiation session, led by Ladies Get Paid founder, Claire Wasserman, breaks down the jargon and makes a scary daunting subject accessible and empowering. Learn how to understand your market value so you know how much to ask for charge, prepare a negotiation framework, make a case without knowing their budget, and relieve anxiety using evidence-based exercises.

Poised & Prepping for the Future Roundtable

You have a breadth of experience, valuable skills and a dedicated work ethic. Are you ready to take the next step in your career journey — the one that can catapult you to success? Are you doing everything you need to in order to move your career forward? Our executive table presenters have strong track-records within their companies, and though each has a unique story, they all share a common trait: preparation. Come join them as they lead thoughtful and candid discussions that will help you forge the future of your career, company and industry at large. Topics include negotiating a promotion, finding a workplace sponsor, gaining visibility within your company and developing a five-year plan.

And returning once again are the always-popular Profiles of Champions, featuring a panel of athletes at the top of their game, and Pearls of Wisdom, which closes the conference with mini-keynotes from a group of influential and inspiring thought leaders.

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