Upcoming WICT Carolinas Events: ​​ 

​5/3/2018           WICT Talks - Grace Killelea
                              Embrace Your Own Inner VoiceTouchstone: Be Fearless
                                 Location: In Person TBD / Online

​May /2018          Executive Series - Session 1 Kickoff
                               It Doesn't Have to be Lonely at the Top
                                  Touchstone: Know Yourself, Be a Catalyst
                                   Location: In Person TBD / Online

May /2018          Mentoring - Session 1 Kickoff
                               TBD | Touchstone: Connect, Be Fearless
                                   Location: Web Session

6/13/2018          WICT Talks 
                               Be Brave Enouch to Care | Touchstone: Inspire, Be a Catalyst
                                 Location: In Person TBD / Online

7/17 /2018          Red Circle Awards
                               Recognition Luncheon | Touchstone: Communicate
                                  Location: TBD

7/17/2018           Executive Series - Session 2
                               Leading All Generations | Touchstone: Listen, Inspire
                                  (Immediately follows Red Circle Awards)
                                   Location: TBD

Aug. /2018         Mentoring - Session 2
                              Politics, Power, Influence and Executive Presence
                                 Touchstone: Connect, Be a Catalyst
                                 Location: TBD

8/6/2018           WICT Talks - Celeste Headlee
                             10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation | Touchstone: Communicate, Listen
                                Location: In Person TBD / Online

Sept. /2018         Mentoring - Session 3
                               Being Strategic Part I | Touchstone: Connect, Communicate
                                  Location: Web Session

Oct. /2018           Mentoring - Session 3
                               Being Strategic Part IITouchstone: Connect, Communicate
                                  Location: TBD

Oct. /2018          Executive Series - Session 3: Wrap Up
                              What's Next for this Intimate Network
                                  Touchstone: Know Yourself, Be a Catalyst
                                  Location: TBD

10/9/2018          WICT Talks - Luvvie Ajayi
                              Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
                                 Touchstone: Know Yourself, Be a Catalyst
                                 Location: In Person TBD / Online

Nov. /2018           Tech It Out
                                Touchstone: Inspire, Be Fearless
                                   Location: TBD