Hello WICT Florida!  

The application process for our WICT Florida Mentoring Program is closed for 2017.

The WICT Florida Mentoring Program connects women in top-level industry positions with a mentee to share wisdom, provide support, listen, and ultimately develop a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust, respect, and honest communication.

If you are a current WICT member who has the desire to progress in your career within the cable industry and are seeking to develop your leadership talents, the WICT Florida Mentoring Program is a valuable resource.

As a participant in WICT Florida Mentoring, each mentee will have opportunities to:
• Develop leadership/management/strategic skills which will assist applicants in accomplishing their career goals.
• Discuss strategies for working through business-related decisions
• Review career development initiatives and resources
• Acquire skills to work more effectively independently and with others
• Utilize a confidential support system and gain insight into industry-wide resources.

Considerations for selection into the WICT Florida Mentoring Program:
• Candidates should have a stated desire to progress in their career within the cable industry.
• Selected mentees should be strong performers who have an interest in developing their talents and seeking new skill sets.
• Applicants should be prepared to be interviewed on topics such as their professional background, answer questions about career aspirations and discuss their perceived areas of development.

Interested candidates can complete the information below in order to be paired with a WICT Florida Mentor who best fits the needs of each mentee.

If you have questions regarding the program, please contact:

The formal program requires mentor and mentee pairs commit to the program for at least 8 months. Mentor/mentee pairs are matched based on individual competencies and desired development outcomes. The program kicks off in July, followed by scheduled events, resources and connections to enhance the relationships and learning.

We are also seeking Mentors for this year's program. If you are a top-level industry leader who has mentoring experience or has an interest in becoming a mentor for the 2017 program, please e-mail Sherribeck0910@outlook.com for more details.


WICT Florida Board of Directors