Embracing Stress:

Your Key to Creating High Performance and Balance

Listen to a webinar focused on how to manage stress into a positive growth tool. Natalie Johnson, from Population Health Consultants, will lead this conversation.

Live from LinkedIn: Tips on How to Build Your Personal Brand 

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Join us for a webinar focused on developing your personal brand. Tina Basle, from LinkedIn, will lead this conversation & provide tips and advice on how to develop your personal brand & create an outstanding profile on LinkedIn. If able, gather with your colleagues in one conference room to participate together!

Keynote Speaker: Tina Basle, Sr. Account Executive, Enterprise Sales

Tina is a digital media veteran with a diverse set of experiences who has helped companies across the spectrum drive revenue from digital marketing. She has worked with some of the largest brands in the world collaborating iwth them across the spectrum of B2C and B2B to help drive value through strategic digital, social and mobile media programs.

In her current role at LinkedIn, Tina works with clients to drive value from LinkedIn's Marketing Solutions product set and bring creative, scalable solutions that deliver results.

She has received numerous awards and recognitionfor her work with clients, including being named to LinkedIn President's Club in 2017.

Tina attended the University of Michigan where she received a BA in Psychology and was captain of the varsity tennis team. She now commutes to Manhattan from the Jersey Shore where she likes to run, bike, and walk her dogs on the beach.


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In this webinar Gina Barreca: Novelist, Professor, Humorist, and Women's Speaker Gina Barreca discusses the connection between power, corporate America, comedy and community, and gender.

  • Are there authentically different leadership styles and strategies for men and women, or do women just have higher voices?
  • How can we best communicate tone when writing, given the limitations of the keyboard? How can our wit come through without being off-putting or snarky? How can our warmth come through without suggesting vulnerability or weakness?
  • When working in a field that has been historically and conventionally masculine, what are the challenges women face as a code-breaker, as a non-native-speaker (so to speak) of the tribe?  How do we face/beat these challenges

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