​Create a Path...Impact a Career! 

WICT Southwest Chapter Mentoring Program in Action


Our Chapter kicked off the 2013-2014 Mentor Program last fall.  Since the kick off, several pairs of your peers have been meeting on a regular basis to impact their careers and the careers of other strong women within the cable community. How do they do it?  They meet for a minimum of 1 hour/month to talk strategies, goals and other developmental points of interest.  The Mission of this program is to provide the framework for creating positive relationships within the industry, enhancing the organizational talent pipeline within the business.

This month, we highlight a Mentor/Mentee pairing so all members can experience the feedback and the benefits of this mentoring relationship. 


Nancy Murphy cropped.pngMentorNancy Murphy, 2013 Chapter President of the Year, 2014 Chapter Advisor to the WICT Southwest Chapter, 2014 ​Chapter Leader Designee on the WICT National Board of Directors, and Director of Talent Development and Acquisition at Cox Communications

Office Location:  Phoenix, AZ



Yvette Lopez_cropped.pngMentee:  Yvette Lopez, Customer Service Supervisor of Technical Support at Suddenlink.

Office Location:  Lake Havasu City, AZ




Geography prevents Nancy and Yvette from meeting face-to-face.  They are not able to chat over a cup of coffee or work on goals over lunch.   We recently asked these two to address this challenge, and talk about the tools they use to overcome the "geography" barrier. 

Yvette:  Technology has been our savior.  We rely on e-mail and telephone communication to keep in touch and hold our mentoring sessions.

Nancy:  So far we have connected via phone.  We have not used a web cam or TelePresence.  We are both committed to keep our scheduled time as "sacred" and so far have done a great job of not missing a session with each other.


When asked to identify the best "thing" they have received from the Mentoring relationship, they replied:

Yvette:  Getting to know such an inspiring woman like Nancy has been gratifying in itself.  If I had to choose one thing out of the many, it would be self-confidence.  Many of the road blocks I face on a daily basis have to do with my own insecurities.  Learning how to be honest with myself , and learning how to conquer those insecurities has really helped me become more confident in my own abilities as a leader.

Nancy:  I absolutely love Yvette's enthusiasm for this industry and her passion for her team.  She has reminded me why I am in this business and motivates me to care for my team the way she does hers.
We then challenged each of them to answer this question:  "If you had the opportunity to stand in front of our membership and address any members that are unsure about participating in the program, what would you say to them?"

Yvette:  Personally, it has been such a great experience!  I would highly recommend it!

Nancy:  Take advantage of one of the greatest gifts (at no charge) that our Chapter has to offer.  Whether you are the Mentor or the Mentee, you may learn something new.  Everyone has gifts and talents to share.  Why should you take time to be a Mentor?  As Winston Churchill said, "We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give."


In closing, Yvette and Nancy were asked to share any other thoughts they had about the WICT Mentoring Program.

Yvette:  I found a great quote that explains it all.  "Too often we are scared, scared of what we might not be able to do, scared of what people might think if we tried, we let our fears standing in the way of our hopes.  Why?  There's really no time to be afraid.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Everything!"  --Nike.

Nancy: It doesn't take much time to have a productive and successful mentoring relationship.  It just takes two people willing to commit to meeting, sharing and supporting one another.  If you need a reason to be a mentor yourself, trust me, trust me, you'll find it in the moment you start giving!


Thank you to Nancy and Yvette for their candid responses.  If you are interested in participating in the Mentor Program, bookmark the Mentoring section of our Southwest WICT Chapter website, and look for updates in the newsletter.  Dates for 2014 enrollment will be announced in the coming months.  We all could use the opportunity to Create a Path and Impact a Career!