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Visualize. Strategize. Realize: 
Create Your Strategic Development Plan and Vision Board

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Mariette Edwards, Executive Coach


Be Fearless! 

  • Have you ever wondered if you’re on the right track with your career?
  • Make your personal and professional goals a reality by creating your own strategic plan and vision board with WICT Southeast. 
  • Learn about the importance of visualization from a leading executive.

In this hands-on creative event, you will hear from Mariette Edwards, Executive Coach, on how to craft a strategic plan and you'll build your digital vision board or paper vision board with images of inspiration, motivation and purpose.  Carry it with you on your phone/tablet or hang it up where you'll see it each day to remind you to keep working toward your goals.


On your iOS or Android device download the digital vision board app http://www.hayhouse.com/the-hay-house-vision-board-app OR start saving magazines, photos and quotes; then join WICT Southeast to create your vision board and connect with other creative, forward-thinkers.

Cardstock, glue and some embellishments will be supplied for those making a physical vision board. Bring your scissors!

Thursday, March 30, 2017
Registration 4:30pm ET
Program begins at 5:00pm ET

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300 Interstate North Parkway SE
Atlanta, GA 30339

Seating is limited. Register now! Refreshments will be provided.

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