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Article I – Name and Area

Sec. 1     The name of the chapter shall be the Great Lakes Chapter of Women in Cable Telecommunications.
Sec. 2     The area covered by the Great Lakes Chapter shall be Indiana, Michigan and northern Ohio.
Article II – Objectives

Sec. 1     The objectives of the Great Lakes Chapter shall be those of the National Women in Cable Telecommunications organization, which shall be the sole policy-making body.  These objectives are:

a.   To provide cable and telecommunications specific management and    

leadership training.

b.    To create leadership opportunities for members at the local and national level.

c.    To showcase women's contributions and accomplishments in the cable and  telecommunications industries.

d.   To strengthen the image of cable and telecommunications through community   involvement.

e.   To support women in the efforts to make successful career and life choices.

Article III – Membership


Sec. 1     Only those employed in the telecommunications industry and closely allied fields who have been accepted for membership in Women in Cable Telecommunications by the national board of directors shall be eligible for membership in the Great Lakes Chapter.

Sec. 2     Membership classifications in the chapter are as follows:

        a.   Regular Membership – a non-to mid-management professional employed in any facet of the telecommunications industry or closely related allied field shall be eligible for regular voting membership.  Such members shall remain current with the dues and shall be entitled to one vote regardless of the number of systems or corporations the individual may represent.  Regular members may hold office and serve on the national or chapter level or board of directors.
        b.   Executive Membership – a senior management professional who otherwise qualifies for Regular membership is also eligible for Executive membership.  Such members shall remain current with the dues and shall be entitled to one vote regardless of the number of cable systems or corporations the individual may represent.  Executive members may hold office and serve on the national or chapter level of the board of directors.
        c.   Entry Level Member – any person employed in an entry level full or part-time position with less than two years' experience in any facet of the cable television and telecommunications industry is eligible for Entry level membership.  An Entry level position is defined as an hourly (non-salaried) employee with no supervisory or direct budgetary responsibilities and/or a student.  (Part-time students working in the cable industry at other than an entry level position do not qualify for entry level membership).  Entry level members shall pay dues, but do not have voting rights, nor may they serve in an appointed or elected office.
Sec. 3     Acceptance of Membership – the national board of directors shall accept for regular voting membership any qualified individual who subscribes to these by-laws.  The board, however, reserves the power to reject membership applications or to expel a member provided there is just cause.
Sec. 4     Membership Committee – the board of directors may, in its discretion, create a membership committee and delegate to such committee the power to make rules governing applications for membership.  The membership committee may make recommendations to the board concerning rules governing membership classes and qualifications.
Sec. 5     Withdrawal – any member may withdraw from the corporation at any time by giving written notice to the secretary.  Such withdrawal shall take effect at the time of receipt of the notice, be relieved from liability for any dues or assessment levied in respect to any dues period commencing after the effective date of withdrawal.
Article IV – Officers


Sec. 1     The officers also known as the executive committee (Article V, Section 4) shall be president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and immediate past president.   Officers must be voting members of Women in Cable Telecommunications in good standing.
Sec. 2     Each officer shall serve for a minimum of one year or until his or her successor shall have been chosen and qualified or until his or her death, resignation or removal.  The term of office for officers shall commence on January 1 and end on December 31 of each year.  Then newly elected officer may be expected to start transition duties (training and preparation) immediately following the elections.

Sec. 3     The powers and duties of the officers shall be as follows:
a.   President - The president shall preside at all meetings of the members and board of directors; shall consult with the officers to appoint all committees; shall be an ex-officio member of all committees; be responsible for informing the secretary to notify all  board members of the times and places at which board meetings are to be held; execute such agreements on behalf of the chapter as authorized by a vote of the membership and board of directors and shall perform such duties as may be vested in the president by the board of directors.
b.   Vice President - In the absence of the president or in the event of the president's inability or refusal to act, the vice president shall perform duties of the president, and when so acting shall have all the powers of, and be subject to all restrictions; upon, the president.  The vice president shall serve as the programming committee chair as outlined in Article VII, Section 2 (b), perform such duties and have other powers as the board of directors may from time to time prescribe, including interfacing with committee chairs in keeping the president advised of committee progress.
c.   Secretary - The secretary shall attend all meetings of the board of directors and shall record all proceedings of such meetings as official meeting minutes; distribute to the board in a timely manner; maintain a copy of a roster of the names, addresses and business affiliations of all members, provide Women in Cable Telecommunications national headquarters with current lists of members of the board of directors and committee chairpersons.  The secretary shall serve as the hospitality committee chair as outlined in Article VII Section 2(c)
d.  Treasurer  - The treasurer shall receive all funds and make all disbursements as authorized by the board of directors; present a financial report at each meeting of the board of directors and submit an annual financial report to the national treasurer of Women in Cable Telecommunications as required by the national organization.  The treasurer shall prepare and participate in any and all financial audits making the necessary preparation of information and documents as may be required by the officers or audit team.  The executive committee shall determine the necessity and frequency of audit.
e.   Immediate Past President - The outgoing president of the chapter shall automatically assume the office of immediate past president when a new president assumes office.  The past president may oversee committees as directed and assist the president as required to complete a smooth transition of duties.
Article V – Board of Directors


Sec. 1     The board of directors shall be composed of the officers and a minimum of three and a maximum of 20 board members.  All board members will serve without remuneration.  The board of directors shall have general charge and control of the affairs, funds and property of the chapter.
Sec. 2     The board of directors will hold a minimum of six regular meeting per year.  Members of the board of directors are expected to attend all board meetings. .  Members of the board are also expected to participate in a majority of events within their geographic region.    All board members are expected to serve on a at least one committee.  Failure to meet these participation requirements without reasonable cause and notice may result in a review by the board with the option to appoint a successor.

Sec. 3     A simple majority of the board of directors shall constitute a quorum.  The vote of the majority of the board present at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall constitute action of the board.
Sec. 4     There shall be an executive committee, composed of the officers, which shall have all powers of the board of directors between meetings.  The minutes of any executive committee meeting, should one occur, shall be submitted to the board of directors for ratification at its next meeting.
Sec. 5     Whenever it is necessary to fill a vacancy among officers or directors, the president shall call for recommendations to fill the vacancy.  A majority vote of the remaining members of the board of directors shall determine the person elected.  Persons so elected shall serve until the expiration of the regular term of office.
Sec. 6     All board members, upon retiring from office, shall deliver to the president all money, accounts, record books, papers or other properties belonging to the chapter.

Article VI – Elections


Sec. 1     The election of officers and members of the board of directors will be conducted by   a reasonable method as decided upon by the board.
Sec. 2     A nomination committee of three members shall be determined by a vote of the board of directors no later than the August board meeting.  The nominating committee shall call for nominations, contact those nominated and prepare an official slate for approval by the board of directors.

Sec. 3     The secretary shall prepare and send the official ballot to all voting chapter members in time for the October meeting or a time determined by the board of directors.  The deadline for the election shall be determined in conjunction with the date requirements of WICT HQ for a ratified list of officers and board of directors.
 Sec. 4     The ballot process including the tabulation of votes whether electronic, hard copy or in person shall be determined by a recommendation of  the nominations committee and approval of  the board of directors.  In the event of a tie vote, the board of director's reserves the right to cast the deciding vote.
Sec. 5     The board of directors shall have the authority to fill all vacancies in its body and among the elected officers for any unexpired term.

Article VII – Committees

Sec. 1     The president, with approval of the board of directors, shall appoint chairpersons for the committees.  The chapter president reports regularly to the national Women in Cable Telecommunications board of directors regarding committee activities.

Sec. 2     Depending on need, the following committees may be formed:

a.   Membership – this committee shall be responsible for finding qualified professionals for membership and securing their membership for the chapter.  This committee shall maintain an accurate membership roster and keep the secretary and treasurer informed of membership changes.  The committee shall also encourage prompt renewal of memberships.
b.   Program – arranges programs for the membership which meet the goals and mission of Women in Cable Telecommunications and works with other committees to assure publicity location and hospitality.
c.     Hospitality – coordinates with the board the selection of meeting places, makes arrangements for meetings and assists treasurer in collection of meeting fees.
d.     Marketing and Communications– publicizes activities of chapter through local, trade and social media, along with creating the newsletter; contributes to national Women in Cable Telecommunications newsletter.
e.   Sponsorship – coordinates the solicitation of donations from industry partners and provides necessary documentation to the Treasurer and board as appropriate.

Sec. 3     Committee chairpersons shall report committee activities at board meeting.
Article VIII – Finances

Sec. 1     The fiscal year of the chapter shall be the same as the national Women in Cable Telecommunications.
Sec. 2     The president and treasurer are the chapter's chief executive and financial officers respectively, and shall be responsible for sound financial planning and fiscal integrity.
Sec. 3     All bank accounts shall be in the name of the chapter and require the signature of both the president and the treasurer.
Article IX – Dissolution


Sec. 1     At a meeting duly called for the purpose of considering the question, the chapter shall be dissolved upon receiving at least two-thirds (2/3rds) of the votes entitled to be cast by members present at such meeting, and all assets shall be distributed as authorized by the Articles of Incorporation and directed by the national board of directors.
Article X – Amendments


Sec. 1     These By-Laws may be amended, repealed or altered in whole or in part, and new By-Laws adopted, by a majority vote of the board of directors.