1. Challenge your chapter board to recruit.  They’re already leaders in their own right just by the shear accomplishment of being on the chapter board.
  2. Make sure to have membership applications at all your programs and events.
  3. Amend bylaws to require only WICT members to serve on the board.  If they’re not a member, get them to join before the first day of their term.
  4. Sort chapter rosters by company name and focus on companies that should have stronger representation for membership.
  5. Sort non-renewals in your chapter roster by company name and assign board members who are employed by the same companies to reach out to those non-renewals. 
  6. Turn to your company leaders and human resource executives and let them know what membership means to you and your colleagues and how supporting their employees’ professional development gives energy and ideas back to the company by being an involved WICT member.
  7. Refer individuals.  Add to the WICT database both to provide a lush prospective database and serve as a centralized source for you to use this year and into the future in various recruitment or non-member events/campaigns you plan. 
  8. Request from national a list of prospective members in your geographic area.