The Empowerment Issue


The Journey: What A Difference A Day Makes

WE tv, a WICT Strategic Partner through Rainbow Media Holdings, has launched a three-year WE Volunteer campaign celebrating the power of volunteerism. The campaign provides women and the people in their lives tools to help their communities - even for just a day.  The campaign is part of WE Empowers Women, WE tv's nationwide public affairs initiative created in 2005 to empower women to lead fulfilling lives and to achieve their full potential. 

WE Volunteer makes it easy search and sign up for volunteer experiences within your community. By leveraging a host of intuitive and inspiring tools, participants are introduced to nonprofit organizations based on what their interests are and their zip code.  The site addresses issues such as how to get started, volunteering despite a busy schedule and preparing for your day of service. The site even explores the pros and cons of virtual volunteering. The WE Volunteer site encourages participants to track their volunteer hours on the site and share personal stories of volunteerism to inspire others to get involved.

"WE Volunteer gives women the opportunity to contribute in a creative way," said Kim Martin, WE tv President and GM, "by encouraging them to donate their time and help to make a difference in their own neighborhood. We're also proud to get behind an effort that mirrors one of the President's top initiatives -- community service."

Several partners have joined WE tv's campaign to encourage volunteerism and by offering discounts and incentives for participation.

  • ESSENCE Magazine, offers discount tickets for the Essence Music Festival.
  • Step Up Women's Network, a nonprofit mentoring organization for teenage girls, offers a six month complimentary membership and access to special event.
  • Ladies Home Journal offers discounted subscriptions.

WE tv and Rainbow Media Network Sales illustrated their commitment to volunteerism by devoting a day to MetroTeen AIDS in Washington, DC where they worked with administrators and teens from the center on a redesign of the center's drop-in space. WE tv staff, along with Cable Positive, painted, plastered and put together furniture to make an Activity Room for teens. WE tv will dedicate several days for volunteering throughout 2009.

 WICT Buzz: The 5 Top Categories of American Donations

In 2008, Americans donated $307.7 billion dollars in 2008 and the top five categories were: Religious, Human Services, Health, Education and Public Benefit.

Source: Giving USA.

 WICT Picks: Womenomics Book Review

Womenomics by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay gives women explicit permission to demand the balance that's been missing in their professional lives according to Publishers Weekly, saying the authors assert that “…women have gained enough corporate clout to start changing the workplace to suit their needs. Shipman and Kay review the depth of women's influence as consumers and earners, maintaining that their power gives them the right and the ability to ask for flexibility in their work lives, to negotiate assertively and effectively, to say no and to give up the guilt associated with getting their needs met. Filled with pragmatic and optimistic steps, this book will inspire readers to set in motion a flexibility-driven business revolution that can benefit all women and men, families and workforces.”

Find out more about Womenomics and other essential reads at WICT Clicks on

 WICT 30: 30 Things You Can Do To Change The World

Between managing careers, contacts and lives, changing the world may seem like the most remote of possibilities. Yet there are everyday things we can do to help influence positive change. Here are a few of WICT's top tips to change the world:

1. Get involved with your WICT Chapter. From mentoring to writing newsletter articles to planning a local event, your WICT chapter  welcomes your expertise and interest in making WICT part of your journey.

2. Volunteer! WE Volunteer makes it easy for you to get involved in your community and connect with a cause of your choice. Give one full day and make a difference. Visit today to get started! 

3. Sign your name. Add your name and petition for Amnesty for American Journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee Imprisoned in Korea  or hundreds of other petitions at  Care2 or

4. Need a new handbag? Reflect your social consciousness in your style by making eco-friendly purchases from sites such as White Apricot, Helen Riegle HER design and Modify.

5. Leave work on time at least once a week. Spend the time reconnecting with friends or with yourself doing something fun!

6. Make Thursdays Veggieday. The U.N. found that 18% of greenhouse gases come from livestock production. The town of Ghent, Belgium, heeded the U.N.’s call for citizens to combat climate change by forgoing meat once a week. Why not do the same?

7. Donate your old handbag or gently used professional work clothing and accessories to a woman in need at Dress for Success.

8. Offer Relief to Families. Contact a local homeless shelter for families in your area to help with a field trip, picnic, or art project children residents.

9. Help in a crisis. helps register and educate those who want to help during disasters.

10. Have a web site? Embed a Widget. Many charities offer embeddable widgets or badges that you can use on your social networking profiles or blogs to raise awareness of an issue and offer links to additional information and raise money.

11. Let at least one car in on every commute.

12. Support Sea Turtles while you vacation. Plan an ecotourism vacation and support sustainable travel. Find out more at The International Ecotourism Society.

13. Donate an old phone. CollectiveGood recycles used cell phones and other mobile devices to benefit your choice of more than fifty partner charities.

14. Save paper by printing and copying on both sides.

15. Find out about your corporate initiatives. Our industry shows its commitment to our markets through countless advocacy initiatives. Find out about your company’s focus and get involved!

16. Support through microloans. Microlending offers small loans to those in poverty in an effort to spur entrepreneurship. Donations  can be made through organizations such as Women for Women International or by selecting an entrepreneur in need through organizations like Kiva.

17. Download the 3rd Whale app for your iphone to locate green products and businesses in 30 major North American cities.

18. New glasses? Drop off your old eyeglasses at a LensCrafters in your area; they'll donate them through the Gift of Sight program to people in developing countries who need them.

19. Precycle by bringing your own bags to the store and buying less disposable items (cloth napkins) and "long life" products (such as batteries and light bulbs) or "concentrated" products, (juices, detergents) to avoid unnecessary packaging.

20. Give Blood. Visit the American Red Cross to learn about blood donation opportunities at

21. Have something you don’t need? Tap into the barter marketplace at sites such as The Barter Exchange and Barter Trade.

22. Advocate for children. Support children with the resources they need to succeed by connecting with the Children’s Defense Fund or local non-profits helping children.

23. Pay bills online. Many companies in our industry have embraced online bill pay options for their customers, and now most banks and credit unions offer online payment options.

24. Make your voice heard. Writing your Congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives has never been easier. Click here to email your representative.

25. Layer Up. When cooler weather arrives, reach for a sweater before reaching for the thermostat.

26. Learn to save a life. Take a CPR course or other first aid class. To search for a CPR class in your area visit CPR Class Finder.

27. Take time to listen. It is a real art to really listen to someone, don't make any comments, don't try to solve their problems. Just listen.

28. Cook a meal entirely from scratch using only raw ingredients. This may be more of a weekend activity, but it can be relaxing, especially if you’re cooking for or with a friend.

29. Pay more at thrift stores. If you find something you like in a store that benefits the less privileged, add $1 to the price of your item to support the cause. Watch the sales person's face light up – it will be worth the $1.

30. Pass the book around. Read something great? Share it with a friend or colleague. Look through bookshelves and donate books to local libraries, hospital or charity shops.