2016 Coffee Talk June


6/01/2016: Coffee Talk – Artemis Self Defense Training

Julie Werhnyak, of Artemis Self Defense, shared her wealth of knowledge from her experience as a former police officer and instructor, Federal Air Marshal self-defense instructor and two-time member of the U.S. National Tai-Kwon-Do team among many other accomplishments (see her full bio here http://www.artemis4women.com/about-julie/). Julie feels that her purpose in life is to help others to be safe and be able to protect themselves and she does this through the Artemis Self Defense training that she started.


Julie began the session by having audience members take turns telling about experiences in their life where they may have felt uncomfortable or unsafe. She then shared a few “saving” techniques and discussed various ways of reducing your risk.  Dustin Ewert, one of our WICT members, graciously agreed to be our Guinea Pig and allowed Julie to demonstrate some of her simple self-defense techniques on him.


Here are some words of advice and take a ways that came from the class…

  • Suggested Read:  Gavin de Becker’s book – The Gift of Fear
  • Pepper spray works, carry it!
    • Pepper spray does expire and should be replaced every year or two
    • Unload the whole canister in the event that it has to be used and then replace it
  • If someone is questioning your “NO” response, you need to wonder, “Why are they trying to control me?” NO is a complete sentence!
  • “The Bad Guy” needs privacy in order to commit a crime. Work to take that away by not going out alone, making noise, turning on the lights, staying in the open and keeping the doors locked
  • If someone is telling you that they “promise” or they “swear on their mother’s grave” they are most likely lying, they can sense you don’t believe them and they are trying to sell their lie
  • Be aware of your surroundings and do not wait for someone to save you – women are typically portrayed as the victim but it does not have to be that way
  • Trust your intuition
  • Be aware of how you present yourself in the world and try to make yourself appear “big”.
    • Use your power pose!
  • “An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure”


Artemis Coffee Talk2_edit.jpgKathy Oakes, WICT Southwest President, introduces

Julie Werhnyak of Artemis Self-Defense


Artemis Coffee Talk3_edit.jpg

WICT members and guests attend the June Coffee Talk self-defense seminar.

Artemis Coffee Talk4_edit.jpg

Artemis Coffee Talk6_edit.jpg

Julie presenting self-defense experience and tips to WICT Southwest Chapter​.