2016 Coffee Talk October

Coffee Talk – Resume Building and Interview Skills

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 – Over Easy North in Scottsdale



Agata Polanska and Amanda Jane Borowski,

Cox Communications recruiters

WICT Southwest Chapter members and guests attended this FREE Coffee Talk session to learn skills that will help take them successfully to the next level. Agata Polanska and Amanda Jane Borowski, recruiters from Cox Communications, shared their insights on building a top-notch resume and knock-out interview skills.

Here are some things they shared:

Building a Resume

  • When you refer an employee, make sure that the person that you are referring actually knows what they are applying for
  • Recruiters are not subject matters on “you” so you need to make sure to include enough info about yourself
  • Please use a 10-12 font size and do not use a fancy font on your resume as it can make it very difficult for a recruiter to read
  • There is not a magic number of pages for a perfect resume as some have more to write as others.
    • Make sure the content has value.
    • 1-2 pages is preferred.
    • If it is too long, the recruiter will be overloaded and it is not warranted “less is more.”
    • Make sure to list quantifiable results from job experiences.
    • Tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying for.
  • Do not put contact info in the header of your word doc but DO make sure that your contact info is included.
  • Recruiters like to see clickable, active links in the contact info part of the resume to make it easier to reply.
  • Use your name in the title of the saved document to make it easier for the recruiter to find.


  • Inform your team / supervisor that you are going to interview for another position. This should never be a surprise.
  • Be prepared with 15-20 different solid examples for STAR format (illustrate the Situation, the Tasks and Action you took, and the Results)
    • Have at least 3-5 examples for each of the competencies.
    • If the person in your example is part of the interview panel, do not allow it to become awkward and acknowledge the person in the room.
  • Be prepared to answer the question “Why are you the one for the job?”
    • Have an elevator speech ready to present.
    • Keep it to about 2 minutes.
    • Do not ramble.
  • Be prepared, organized and ready for the interview and be respectful of the interviewer’s time.
  • Be prepared to answer the question of what you currently make and what you expect to make in the new position.
    • Do your research on the pay range of the upcoming position (there are several external websites that provide this info.)
    • You can also say: “Thank you for asking me my salary requirements, however, I am going to defer to you as I am confident that your offer will be competitive and take into account the skills and experience I will bring to the role.” 

Work Ethic

  • Take on projects, volunteer, be a go-to person.
    • Being helpful can help to put yourself in a position of leadership.
    • Be a “go-giver” not always a “go-getter”

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us, 

Agata and Amanda Jane!