2016 NYC Leadership Conference

​2016 WICT Leadership Conference

September, 2016

Several Southwest Chapter members had the
opportunity to attend the national WICT Leadership Conference in New York City
September 19-20. The two-day conference is full of motivational speakers,
informational sessions and plenty of networking!


Below are some key takeaways from Kathy Oakes, WICT Southwest Chapter President.



“It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.” -Jackie Joyner Kersee



Roundtable: Influence and Visibility: Building Clout with Teams and Peers


  • You can’t just do a good job and hope that the work will speak for itself
  • Ensure your peers know your vision and values
  • People want your opinion
  • Ask for what you want
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Find a sponsor


Panel Interview: Profiles of Champions – Train to be a Corporate Athlete

Champions share many characteristics, few of which are determined by their talents. Success, both in sports and in business, is directly related to how willing you are to venture outside of your own comfort zone. It is the simple habit of “getting comfortable being uncomfortable” that drives an individual to do just a little bit more than everyone else, run a little faster, make that extra sacrifice.

  • Set aside your ego
  • Mentors are key
  • Having fun is important to the longevity of your career


  • Laura Gentile (moderator), SVP, espnW & Women’s Initiatives, ESPN
  • Sasha Cohen, Olympic Silver Medalist, Figure Skating
  • Donna de Varona, Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming; Sports Commentator
  • Jean Driscoll, Olympic/Paralympic Gold, Silver, Bronze Medalist, Track
  • Vicky Duval, Professional Tennis Player,WTA




Above: WICT Southwest members (L-R): Kelly Swainson, Penny Grandon, Kathy Oakes, Crystal Lake, Karla Whalen, and Monica Cole in New York City for the WICT Leadership Conference, September 19-20, 2016.