Sign-up to be a Mentee for the 2017 Mentoring Circles Program


To be proactive in her own career development with the support, guidance and encouragement of a Mentor.

Ideal Characteristics: 
  + Demonstrated past performance capabilities 
  + Recognized high potential and credibility 
  + Exhibited enthusiasm, motivation, and desire to ensure the success of the corporation 
  + Commitment to shoulder greater responsibility 
  + Commitment to be a continuous learner and to self-development

  + Share and believe in the goals and objectives of the Mentoring Program 
  + Understand that the Mentor’s role is to guide and support  
  + Develop career goals 
  + Participate proactively in the program 
  + Maintain regular contact with Mentor 
  + Demonstrate commitment by following through with the guidance and counsel of Mentor 
  + Build an internal and external network to support professional and personal goals 
  + Keep commitments 
  + Maintain open communication (accessibility) 
  + Create and define goals of the relationship 
  + Initiate and provide feedback to Mentor 
  + Share professional information and experiences, successes or failures 
  + Keep confidences shared by Mentor 
  + Be appreciative of Mentor’s support