Sign-up to be a Mentor for the 2017 Mentoring Circles Program


The best Mentors are successful people whose joy for work and life is infectious and inspiring to those around them.

Ideal Characteristics: 
  + Demonstrated interest and ability to facilitate growth of others 
  + Ability to build supportive relationships 
  + High degree of sensitivity toward others 
  + Established networks 
  + Variety of professional experiences 
  + Willingness to support the growth of the Mentee and maintaining a confidential interaction

  + Support the goals of the Mentoring Program 
  + Understand that the Mentee is responsible for her career development 
  + Make time to be available 
  + Listen proactively
  + Share candid concerns and feedback to support Mentee’s journey 
  + Counsel Mentee on the culture and behavior of the corporation/industry 
  + Assist Mentee by providing direction and opportunity for challenging assignments
  + Maintain open communication (accessibility) 
  + Provide honest feedback 
  + Share professional information and experiences, successes or failures 
  + Address ineffective behaviors (be sensitive to the relationship and the form of communication agreed to by the Mentee) 
  + Keep commitments 
  + Keep confidences shared by Mentee

Benefits and Rewards: 
  + Exposure to the emerging talent pool
  + Ongoing attention to your own career development
  + The satisfaction of imparting wisdom and experience without a huge time commitment
  + Enhancement of coaching, leadership, management, and recruiting skills
  + Exposure to diverse thoughts, styles, personalities, and cultures
  + Opportunities for recruitment to our profession and/or your employment setting
  + Give back to your association and/or profession
  + Create a lasting career network