Real Men Join WICT

Real (Rewarding Equality and Leadership) Men Join WICT




Shawn Duncan

Vice President, Field Service, Cox Communications

When I was first asked to participate in a WICT mentor golf tournament in Tucson about 10 years ago, I naturally wondered if being part of a group called Women in Cable Television would be the right fit for me.

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Scott Emmons

Western regional Sales Manager, KGPCo 

Often times luck is the key driver in creating opportunities. I first learned about WICT in a previous role when I was fortunate enough to share a table with WICT Southwest board members at a trade show earlier this year. I enjoyed learning about their… 

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Mike Lopez

Director of Divisional Operations for North East Division

​Curiosity usual breaks the ice when I attend a local WICT meeting or event. Some ask how I came to be a WICT member? Why support a women’s group in telecommunications? I smile and joyfully share my story.

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Ed Rankin

Business Filfillment Manager

​When my boss (a current WICT member) invited me to join her and other fellow members viewing a webinar I thought to myself “They know I’m a guy, right?”

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Cary Westmark

Vice President, Information Technology, Cable One

Hello WICT! My name is Cary Westmark and I am the Vice President of Information Technology at Cable ONE. As a 30-year veteran in technology, when first I heard about WICT, I thought it was an organization of women helping to develop men become more graceful leaders!

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John Wolfe

Senior VP and Southwest Region Manager, Cox Communications

I’m extremely proud that Cox Communications does such a great job promoting and advancing women into leadership roles. Supporting Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) is an important part of that process…

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