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We know that when women thrive, industries thrive. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies with women in their top ranks are more profitable companies, with higher employee retention and greater overall staff morale. WICT is the largest and oldest organization dedicated to women in Cable Telecommunications and advocates for women in our industry by commissioning diversity research and sharing proven diversity and inclusion tactics demonstrating the strong benefits of gender diversity in the workplace.


WICT is a professional, industry-wide organization with chapters across the globe. The Pacific Northwest Chapter has members from 16 different companies spanning practically every area of Cable Telecommunications, from Programmers, Operators and Field Operations to Sales, Advertising and Marketing, providing WICT members unique networking opportunities with peers and leaders across the industry.


WICT offers a variety of programs and opportunities to ensure women have the knowledge, connections, and tools to reach their personal and professional goals. WICT programs can help you negotiate a raise, jumpstart a stalled career, improve work life balance and elevate your brand.

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