2016 BMGI

December 1 – 2, 2016W BuckheadAtlanta, GA Over 100 graduates of the Betsy Magness Leadership Institute (BMLI) gathered in Atlanta in 2016 for the annual Betsy Magness Graduate Institute (BMGI). Alumnae attended from 29 classes (a record for BMGI), ranging from Class 2 to the most recent graduates of Classes 32 and 33. The program content focused on accepting the fact that evolution in the workplace is inevitable, especially in the media industry, and to succeed we must not only anticipate but embrace change.

Pat Esser, President, Cox Communications  During the opening reception, members of current BMLI Classes 34 and 35 met and mingled with the alumnae in attendance, and Cox Communications’ President Pat Esser shared his insights on the direction of the industry as well as career advice gleaned from his many years of experience leading one of the industry’s most forward-thinking companies.

A panel of accomplished women leaders shared intimate stories about how each of them recognized and leveraged defining moments in their career journey. They each reflected on these pivotal incidents, revealing what prepared them for these occurrences and how they capitalized on them to propel their careers forward. Perhaps most valuable to the audience was the panelists’ advice on how to prepare themselves for the challenges ahead as the industry continues to evolve.  

Attendees were enthralled as social scientist and forecaster from The Institute for the Future, Bob Johansen, and co-presenter Sebastian Benitez, presented new insights and research on Leadership Foresight. Their work looks 10 years into the future to anticipate how leaders will need to adapt as various external forces, including technological and social evolution, impact society.

While no one can precisely predict the future, we know enough to understand that disruption is occurring at a pace and frequency that we have not experienced before. To help BMGI participants prepare for what lies ahead, Johansen presented five new leadership literacies he has identified, which are available to the public in his book, Thriving in a Future of Extreme Disruption and Distributed. 

Susan Jin Davis, SVP, Operations & Compliance, Comcast Cable 

The program concluded with an enthusiastic discussion about how each Betsy can harness change in her career and help motivate those around her to do the same. With change and disruption becoming the new constant, today’s career marketplace demands adaptability and initiative. Attendees learned that is possible to survive and even thrive in this landscape given the right skills and perspective.