2020 Signature Luncheon

As the summer winds down and we reflect on the months that have passed, we are reminded of the importance of a world that celebrates both our similarities and our differences. With that in mind, we are pleased to recognize companies that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as a business imperative.

Welcome to the redesigned Signature Luncheon, brought to you as a video celebration. The virtual program showcases the exemplary work of the PAR Top Companies for Women to Work. Simply click the link below, and join us as we salute all the PAR Top Companies in honor of their efforts to build a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Let the celebration begin!

Congratulations to all of WICT’s PAR Top Companies for Women to Work, as measured by the 2019 PAR Workplace Diversity Survey:

ViacomCBS representation is based solely on CBS workforce data submitted prior to the merger and subsequent creation of ViacomCBS.

We would also like to show special appreciation to each of our program and event sponsors for their continued support. We’re grateful that they are a part of WICT’s all-important community as we innovate solutions that continue to demonstrate the strong business case for DEI.