2020 Virtual Networking Roundtables


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*You are welcome to sign up for one topic per time slot. Topic descriptions and Roundtable Leaders below. All sessions take place on Monday, October 5.

Table Topic 5:30-5:55 PM ET 6:05-6:30 PM ET
Building a Strong Team Culture FULL – Waiting List FULL – Waiting List
Driving Innovation FULL – Waiting List FULL – Waiting List
Difficult Conversations FULL – Waiting List FULL – Waiting List
Getting Your Next Promotion FULL – Waiting List FULL – Waiting List
Navigating a Male Dominated Environment FULL – Waiting List FULL – Waiting List
Pivoting Your Career FULL – Waiting List  FULL – Waiting List
Resilience & Grit FULL – Waiting List   FULL – Waiting List
Social Justice in the Corporate Environment FULL – Waiting List FULL – Waiting List



Building a Strong Team Culture
Culture impacts everything from employee engagement and performance to how your organization is perceived externally. And building a strong culture is a critical leadership competency.  How is it done, especially in our current virtual environment?

Driving Innovation (and Being Innovative)
Innovation is a driver of business success, and yet, it can be hard to distill into a formula or process that thrives inside established organizational structures. Executives, managers and teams who help their companies successfully innovate call on a blend of skills to create business “magic.”

Difficult Conversations
Difficult conversations are those discussions you do not want to have. It could involve giving or receiving feedback, pointing out a blind spot, or some other matter involving differing views or interpretations.  And they are guaranteed to become critical at some point in your work (and personal) life.

Getting Your Next Promotion
Promotions typically mean more money, influence and responsibility. So how do you position yourself to advance?

Navigating a Male Dominated Environment

Resilience & Grit
As WICT keynote Angela Duckworth notes, grit is something high achievers in every domain share. There is no question that during your career journey there will be tough times and rough patches requiring resolve and resilience in order achieve success.

Pivoting Your Career
Whether you’ve hit your stride and are looking for fresh challenges or you’re facing industry upheaval, career transitions and pivots have become more commonplace. With this table topic, we’ll share tips on how to navigate your career through turbulent times.

Social Justice in the Corporate Environment
As noted by DE&I consultant Lilly Zheng in a recent HBR issue, we’re entering the age of corporate social justice, and companies with effective CSR programs are more profitable than those that don’t address social responsibility and justice. These issues are high on the priority list for many professionals, especially Millennials and Gen Z workers. Building on WICT’s Beyond the Hashtag panel, this table topic provides an opportunity to discuss ways to you can start making a difference.

Roundtable Leaders

Tina Shah

Tina Shah

EVP & General Manager Turner Sports

Toni Stubbs

Toni Stubbs

VP, Technology Engineering & Operations Cox Communications

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