What is BMLI?

Named in honor of Betsy Magness, one of the industry’s most successful pioneers, The Betsy Magness Leadership Institute, or BMLI, serves as the gold standard in leadership development programs geared toward training senior-level women in the cable telecommunications industry. Those accepted into the program are immersed in an educational journey that focuses on core leadership competencies, including communication effectiveness and organizational influence, driving and implementing change, creating engagement, driving results, and executing organizational vision.

Since it was created by WICT in 1994, over 1,000 women have graduated from BMLI. The alumnae comprise the upper echelon of female leaders in the cable telecommunication industry and they continue to be actively involved in transforming their companies and the industry at the executive level.

Who was Betsy Magness?

Betsy Magness played an instrumental role in building TCI; later AT&T Broadband and Internet Services and now Comcast Communications, into one of the most prominent and influential companies in the industry.  Betsy and her husband, Bob, started a cable company in Memphis, Texas, in 1956. By 1965, they moved to Denver to establish a headquarters to serve the six systems and 12,500 subscribers they now served.  In 1968 they formed TCI by merging their two companies; Community Television, Inc., and Western Microwave, Inc.   Betsy died in 1985, but her legacy endures.  In 1994, WICT formed the Betsy Magness Leadership Institute with a generous grant from TCI’s Bob Magness and J.C. Sparkman.

What is the application process?

All applications must be completed online and applicants need approval from their corporate Human Resource contact.

I applied to BMLI before and did not get in.  Can I apply again?

Yes, as long as you have approval from your corporate Human Resources department.

What is the time commitment for the BMLI program?

Fellows attend a week-long orientation as well as four 2-day sessions throughout the course of the nine-month program.  Some reading, preparation and pre-work are required outside of the sessions along with a group of assessments and pre-work assignments prior to the orientation week. This is a nine-month commitment. There are no make-up sessions for missed programs and each session is critically important to your overall leadership training and development.

What is the schedule for the BMLI Fellowship year?

Orientation, typically held at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina, is an intensive one-week workshop on personal leadership exploration. Fellows will also attend four 2-day sessions throughout the nine-month program.

Classes 44 & 45

Depending on your class, your orientation week will be either August 29 – September 3, 2021 (Class 44) or September 12 – 17, 2021 (Class 45)

Session 2: November 17 – 18, 2021

Session 3: January 2022 – Dates & Location TBA

Session 4: March 2022 – Dates & Location TBA

Session 5 – Graduation: May 2022 – Dates & Location TBA