BMLI Reviewer Instructions

Volunteer Position Description


Volunteer Position Title – 2018/2019 Betsy Magness Leadership Institute Review Committee Member


Volunteer Work Location – Remote (can work from office or home, anywhere with internet connection and Internet Explorer 6 or higher)


Volunteer Impact – As a BMLI Review Committee member, you will be a part of the team helping to select the incoming BMLI classes. As you know, BMLI is recognized as the flagship leadership development program of the cable telecommunications industry. Your involvement in the committee as a BMLI Alumnae will help to ensure the proper candidates are selected and the integrity of this program is maintained.


Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities – In this role, you will receive 6-8 BMLI applications to review on March 1. You will have 7 weeks to complete these reviews. We will ask you to:

1) Read each application;

2) Score each application based on the scoring guidelines WICT will provide;

3) Provide comments to justify your score;

4) Commit to submitting your reviews by the April 18 deadline;

5) Provide feedback to those candidates who were not accepted and would like to improve their application for the next year’s application.


Volunteer Qualifications – To be qualified for this position, you must be a graduate of the Betsy Magness Leadership Institute and willing to dedicate the necessary time to complete these reviews by the deadline.

Volunteer Commitment – You will be given 7 weeks to complete these reviews. Please allow at least 30 minutes for each application you review for a total 4 – 8 hours of time committed to this. The reviews can be distributed throughout the 7-week timeframe to best accommodate your schedule. We do, however, encourage you to review and score 25 – 50% of the applications by the March 28 midpoint. All reviews must be submitted by the April 18 deadline.

Volunteer Orientation – A webinar will be scheduled for the committee on March 1, following all of the materials being distributed. This is to answer any questions you may have. We can also walk through the online review process with each of you individually as needed to ensure you are comfortable with submitting your reviews electronically.

WICT Contact Information – For any questions regarding the BMLI review process, please contact Megan Marksberry at 202-827-4789|