“Women are judged to be less visionary than men in 360-degree feedback. It may be a matter of perception, but it stops women from getting to the top.” – “Women and the Vision Thing,” Herminia Ibarra and Otilia Obodaru, Harvard Business Review, January 2009

Becoming a More Strategic Leader
The desire to be more strategic is a common goal of leaders. So what does it mean to be more strategic?  CCL defines it as follows:  individuals, teams, and organizations are strategic when they think, act and influence in ways that effectively promote the organization's enduring success.

It all starts with you, the leader.  And yet, this is too much to take on alone; to be successful, you have to engage others by helping your team cross boundaries and get out of silos to discover new opportunities and new solutions. Finally, it’s about understanding organizational strategic priorities and drivers as well as the leadership culture you need for future success.  Join your fellow BMLI alumnae to delve more deeply into the world of a strategic leader. 

Specific objectives:

  • Understand the difference in a strategic leader versus a tactical manager.
  • Experience a framework for strategic leadership to guide your personal development, as well as the development of your teams and organization.
  • Learn how to engage your team through boundary spanning leadership.
  • Identify critical organizational factors that will help drive strategic leadership in your organization.

Agenda Overview
There will be a welcome reception on the evening of November 2, along with BMLI Classes 24 & 25. The formal program will begin the morning of November 3. After spending the first day immersed with instructors learning best practices, tools and research on strategic leadership, join WICT and CCL on day-two of the program to hear from industry leaders about their own experiences to make them strategic leaders.  You will spend the morning in interactive, small group conversations with a variety of executives known for their critical thinking, acting and influencing skills.  Participants will have the opportunity to hear their stories, and engage them in a dialogue to learn how they developed important business competencies.  The capstone event for this year’s BMGI will be an inspirational and knowledgeable industry leader soon to be announced.  Don’t miss it!

Wednesday, November 2  
 6:00 - 7:30 pm Welcome Reception with BMLI Classes 24 & 25
Thursday, November 3  
 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Strategic Leadership Sessions on Best Practices, Tools, and Research
Friday, November 4
8:00 am - 12:00 pm Executive Roundtables and Closing Keynote