“Even though some companies are less political than others, none have repealed the laws of human nature. Evenin the Girls Scouts of America, we hear there are lots of politics.  If there are no politics, check the people’s pulse in your company since they are probably dead!” Rick Brandon, PhD, Advisor, OfficePolitics.com.

 From the office crab to the back-stabber to the brownnoser and sycophant, we’ve all had to deal at some level with the less pleasant side of office politics.  During this high energy (and funny) session, you’ll learn about the importance of knowing the political game.  You’ll get tips on how to develop key skills in navigating the landmines of office politics and how to see trouble before it hits you between the eyes.   And, while some of the stories may be humorous, the impact of ignoring office politics can be devastating.  This group of experts will share their insights on how to achieve workplace harmony and create a positive, healthy and productive office environment.

• Franke James - Founder & Editor of Office-Politics.com; Co-founder of The James Gang;  Inventor, The Office-Politics® Game

• Erika Andersen - Founder, Proteus International, Inc.
• Brooke Johnson - President, Food Network
• Joe Rooney - SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Cox Communications