Executive Development Series

The Executive Development Series (EDS) is designed to help mid-career professional women build skills that are critical to effectively delivering results within their organizations, with a focus on mastering competencies vital to success at the director and VP level. The two seminars of the series, Leading with Power and Authenticity and Executive Leadership Presence, may be taken in any order.

Executive Leadership Presence (26 seats)
Educational program added to the series in the fall of 2012.

April 6 – 9, 2021
1:00 – 5:00 pm ET each day
Virtual Event

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Executive Leadership Presence is designed to develop Leadership Presence as a means to inspire confidence, engage and influence others, and maintain productivity while increasing visibility and career mobility. This four-day program will introduce participants to a unique framework and toolkit of 12 specific attributes, skills and thought processes that work together to help them build knowledge and expertise.


“The Executive Leadership Presence seminar provides the missing links in career development and sheds light on the things that keep you from moving up in your career – all in a candid and safe environment.” – Ivonne Maldonado, Showtime

“EDS was one of the most powerful two days I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. If you are eager to focus your potential as a leader, this is for you!” – Samantha Minish, AccuWeather

“EDS was the best investment I have made in myself in years. The women I met are a network of new friends and colleagues I look forward to supporting and growing with!” – Maryann Eastman, Charter Communications

“Absolutely valuable information presented with passion and practiced with other women hungry to learn. Must-have training for aspiring women leaders.” – Stefani Ducote, Comcast


Leading with Power and Authenticity (36 seats)

This educational program is the original Executive Development Seminar.

November 3 – 5, 2021

For the last decade, hundreds of women have attended the EDS offering, Leading with Power and Authenticity (LWPA). Although we love being face-to-face, the current global circumstances have shifted this program to be held virtually with a particular focus on Authenticity. As leaders, we need to know the skills and functions of management. Yet it is Authenticity—using your own unique characteristics to lead—that can have exponential impact, especially in difficult times like we are experiencing. Over four half-day sessions of interactive exploration, weaving together theory and practice, as an attendee of LWPA, you will:

  1. Uncover your unique qualities as a woman leader,
  2. Ground yourself in your leadership mission,
  3. Review sources of power to achieve your mission,
  4. Pull from your entire life to embolden your leadership,
  5. Integrate your work and personal lives for power and wholeness.

Learn about the facilitators: Cherie Buckner-Webb, Lindsay Burr and Elaine Yarbrough


“This course impacted me to my core and built skills that will make me a great leader, friend, daughter and self-advocate.” –Tamra Shea, Charter Communications

“EDS: LWPA was a safe space to explore my challenges, triumphs, failures, and insecurities with some truly amazing women. The feedback I received was so generous and I have a new set of tools – plus increased confidence to use them.” – Vanessa Tencati, Smithsonian Channel

“LWPA was one of the best training experiences due to the amazing women that attended and Elaine’s unique wisdom, insights and guidance. A must-do!” – Kathy Boyes, Cisco


What you need to know:

  • Each program within the series stands independent of the other and may be attended in any order.
  • Seating is limited in both programs and registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If you attended the Executive Development Seminar prior to 2012, you attended Leading with Power and Authenticity.

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