Participant Testimonials from RLP Alumnae


"The skills learned were not just applicable to work, but life in general. I feel empowered to affect change in my life and job and am inspired by the women around me that are in similar situations."

    -Rose Holden - RLP 2014, Class 25

"The whole experience exceeded my expectations. I am walking away feeling empowered, enlightened and fully capable of putting these skills into action."

     -Sarah GaffneyRLP 2013, Class 20​

"I can't remember a time when I felt more powerful in my own skills and confident about the future."

     -Madison Cliff - RLP 2013, Class 19

"I was thrilled to be accepted into the Rising Leaders Program but even so had no idea the fortune I was entering. During the week-long session I was equipped and inspired by our instructors. The content was practical and thought-provoking and the instructors were engaging and encouraging. The personal coaching session and the resources by Erika Andersen have been immensely valuable. I continue to share insights I learned from the experience with friends and colleagues. And perhaps the most treasured and lasting gifts from this experience are the relationships I've made with other women in the program. I continue to be in contact and enriched by them."

    -Tamara Park - RLP 2012, Class 15

"I was promoted to a Vice President position within a year of completing the Rising Leaders Program. The RLP really helped prepare me to perform as a leader at this level of the organization.   I find that I am exercising the skills I learned everyday and am a better contributor as well as a better leader."

    -Karen McCague - RLP 2011, Class 9

"I enjoyed participating in RLP. I learned a lot about myself and the best way to interact with others. I was given the extraordinary opportunity to meet fantastic women throughout the industry and gained valuable insight into how cable works. The curriculum format flowed nicely from one discussion topic to the next. The speakers and facilitators from Proteus were phenomenal and really made the experience worthwhile and relevant. Erika Andersen is a consummate professional and I appreciated her candor and insight when I met with her during office hours. I highly recommend the program for future Rising Leaders and am excited to put all I have learned into practice.  Thank you!!"
    -Carol Ann Sweeney - RLP 2011, Class 8

"I loved this program! I encourage women to apply and companies to support it. I feel like I'm a part of a great community of women leaders who are experiencing the same challenges as me...what a wonderful support network!"
     -Jennifer Leitman - RLP 2007, Class 2 

"Rising Leaders truly changed my life. I was taught valuable skills and, more importantly, I discovered so much about myself. The women I have connected with will stay in my heart and my life forever. These bonds truly will last a lifetime."
     -Lauren Swearhart - RLP 2007, Class 2


"Months after the Rising Leaders program I can honestly say that I have applied much of what​ I took away from the sessions into making me a better leader, employee and individual. I value the opportunity that I had to be part of the first class of Rising Leaders and look forward to giving back to WICT in the future."
     -Lisa Barroso - RLP 2006, Class 1