Scholarship applications for the 2021 program are now OPEN.


​With the support of a grant from the Walter Kaitz Foundation, WICT is pleased to offer scholarships to attend the Rising Leaders Program (RLP). The intention of the scholarship is to assist women working in companies that couldn’t otherwise afford to pay for their participation in the program. The scholarship covers the program registration fee and all travel expenses.

To apply for the scholarship, a candidate must be employed by a cable operator or programmer that is an NCTA member and meets at least two of the following criteria:

  • Is a company with 250,000 subscribers or less;
  • Employs 200 or less employees;
  • Is independently owned and not publicly traded;
  • Is located geographically outside of a major metropolitan area.
    (cable suppliers, online media and advertisers are ineligible for scholarships)

All scholarship applicants are required to complete the normal RLP Online Application and HR Approval Form as well as a Scholarship Application Form. Applying for a scholarship does not automatically ensure you a seat in the program. Your RLP application will be reviewed and assessed within the pool of all RLP applications received, as part of our normal process. Should you be accepted into the program but not awarded a scholarship you may choose to attend and pay on your own or you may decline the seat in the program.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship you must have the approval and support of the appropriate HR contact in your company. Submit the Scholarship HR Approval Form and Scholarship Application via email to Megan Marksberry at

Steps to apply:

  • Check with your HR department to receive approval to apply to the Rising Leaders Program (RLP).
  • ​Complete your 2021 RLP Scholarship HR Approval Form and return it by 1:00 pm, Tuesday, October 27, 2020.
  • Complete and submit a 2021 RLP Scholarship Application. Return it by 1:00 pm, Tuesday, November 3, 2020.​
  • Complete your online RLP application​​​​​ and submit it no later than 1:00 pm, Tuesday, November 3, 2020.*
    • Download a version of the 2021 RLP Application in Microsoft Word. (NOTE: This form is only intended to be a guide to developing your answers–the actual application must be submitted using our online system).

*Scholarship applicants are not required to pay the application fee. As a final step in your online application you will be asked to submit your application fee and given a choice of “pay by credit card” or “pay by check.” Select the pay by check option. An invoice will be generated which you can discard. Your application fee will be covered by the Walter Kaitz Foundation grant.


WICT thanks the Walter Kaitz Foundation for its generous support.