The 2013 Senior Executive Summit (SES) took place March 10-14 at the Stanford campus in Palo Alto, CA. During this program, the highest-ranking women in cable honed their leadership skills and learned advanced techniques for furthering innovation within a company; reviewed findings in neuroscience and the connection to exemplary leadership; and discussed the important role conflict can play in team relationships.




In addition to the esteemed Stanford faculty, Padmasree Warrior, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer of Cisco Systems, joined the lineup of speakers and instructors, inspiring program attendees with her very personal insights into strategy, technology and leadership.


Pictured: Padmasree Warrior


Here's a look at some more photos from the 2013 program:


Pictured (l to r): Mary Meduski, Amy Tykeson, Sandra K. Howe


Pictured (l to r): Kristin Dolan, Courtney Menzel, Joan Gillman


Pictured (l to r): Gail MacKinnon, Maria Brennan


Following the successful debut of the program, WICT is pleased to announce that the dates of the 2014 program will be March 16-20, 2014, to be held on the campus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business in Palo Alto, CA. In 2014, WICT and Stanford will once again collaboratively develop a continuing curriculum to provide fresh and engaging content.