How Career Savvy Are You?
Using The Savvy Profile™ to Turbo Charge Your Career


 Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Time: 12:00-1:00pm EST
Registration Fee: $45/members and $95/non-members
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Join Billi Lee, founder of The Savvy Institute, motivational keynote speaker, author, coach and creator of the "Get Savvy" seminars and products for this exclusive WICTcast!

All participants must complete The Savvy Profile™ prior to the webinar. This assessment is included as part of your webinar registration fee.
Instructions to access and complete the profile will be sent to attendees once they have registered.

The Savvy Profile™ assesses how you function in a variety of situations using eight essential categories.  A few examples of these categories are effective communication, adjusting to challenges, taking risks, and leadership. How do you handle a constantly changing environment? How about those touchy subjects at an office party?  Do you effectively adjust to new challenges?  Are you resilient when things don’t go your way?  How do you communicate and influence important individuals?  How do you handle paybacks?  Do you develop alliances?

Developed after years of research and observation at The Savvy Institute, your scores will highlight your areas of strength and indicate where you need improvement to get more professionally and effective. Billi will discuss the eight categories that make up your SQ, your Savvy Quotient, in this dynamic, interactice and fundamentally important webinar.