Join WICT for this FREE webinar with the authors of What Happy Working Mothers Know, Cathy Greenberg, Ph.D. and Barrett Avigdor, J.D., to understand the key components of a happy life and then how to cultivate them every day. Discover that “happiness” is a powerful way to change your life, your industry and your community. Participants will learn:

  • How the “new science of happiness” can improve your success in life
  • Key challenges to overcome building a culture where all employees can be their best on the job.
  • How to evaluate and strengthen your compelling value proposition be your best at home and at work.
  • Best practices that you & your team can execute to make leaders successful as mothers & employees.
  • Common mistakes about separating your work life & your role as a working mother & how to avoid them.
  • Why positive psychology is vital to top performers.
  • What Happy Working Mothers Know you can learn too!

What Happy Working Mothers Know is all about how you can be the best you can be by investing in your own happiness. You’ll learn simple ways to shift your attitudes and approaches, and techniques to find happiness in the life you have. Register online for these free webinars - the first ten registrants for each session will be receiving a free copy of What Happy Working Mothers Know so register today!

What others are saying:

  • "As a working mother myself, it's encouraging to see such a wonderful book that is relatable to all women.  Delightful, inspiring and motivating.  This book really hit home for me." - Kim Martin, President & General Manager WE tv
  • “Greenberg and Avigdor provide a mix of fact-based research, practical tools, and a large dose of high-energy inspiration to help you reach for both your happiness and your best performance every day.  A groundbreaking book which will become a mainstay for working moms, those who may become working moms, and for everyone who both manages and loves working moms.” - Sara N. King, Center for Creative Leadership
  • "I have the privilege of working with hundreds of women year after year and I am thrilled to see What Happy Working Mothers Know touch on such an important topic. Women tend to focus on the “what” they are (mother, daughter, sister, leader, co-worker, friend) but now always the how (happy, fulfilled, joyous, passionate) Adding the concept of happiness and contentment to the equation of being a working woman is a life changer. To focus on creating contentment, abundance and richness of spirit in the work of motherhood is not what women instinctively learn. Women are taught to sacrifice, put themselves last and to do for everyone else.   This book reminds all of us to make the happiness decision, to choose the “how” our life will look and feel. Brava!" - Grace Killelea, Comcast, VP of Talent & Leadership Initiatives

You do not need to be a WICT member to attend this webinar but you will need to create an account with WICT if you do not have one. You will be prompted to do this when you click to register online.

WICT and the authors of What Happy Mothers Know will be hosting a series of nine webinars based on each chapter of their book, starting this September.

This webinar will offer all attendees a unique opportunity to participate in the Exercise Showcase. Those who choose to participate can share their experiences in the Showcase to help all learn from each other (anonymous submissions are acceptable).

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