Women’s TechConnect


The Women’s TechConnect Initiative is designed in partnership with Women in Technology honorees, WICT and SCTE to provide a mentoring relationship between senior and rising cable technology professionals to help educate and retain women in the technology fields of the cable industry.

This important initiative was created to develop a formal mentoring relationship between top-ranking and high-potential women in cable technology. The goal of the program is to provide a crucial support system to better equip mentees to overcome workplace challenges, while helping them rise through the cable ranks until they themselves become the leaders and innovators. WICT and SCTE will support the mentors/mentees by offering online resources and tools, underwriting event registrations and memberships, as well as providing a sense of community, as the designated mentees embark on their mentoring journey.

2019-2020 Women’s TechConnect

The application process for the 2019/2020 TechConnect Mentoring Program is now CLOSED.

Applications should have been submitted to Shannon@bridgebetween.com no later than 5:00pm ET Friday, July 12, 2019.

Interested individuals should be rising professionals who will maximize the unique opportunity to learn from trailblazers in the tech field.

Potential participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Work in the technology field in the cable telecommunications industry;
  • Possess three or more years of professional experience;
  • Exhibit a level of knowledge, skill and professionalism regarding technology;
  • Have demonstrated a track record of success;
  • Can help create clear goals for mentorship, consistent with workplace excellence;
  • Have the ability to dedicate the time required to be a mentee, including
    • Monthly meetings with their mentor via telephone or in-person;
    • Quarterly learning webinar;
    • Attending a kick-off meeting the evening of Monday, September 16, 2019, in New York at WICT’s Leadership Conference;
    • Graduation in October 2020 at the SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo.
      (Registration for both the WICT Leadership Conference and the SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo are complimentary for program participants.)

2018-19 Women’s TechConnect Mentoring Partnerships


  • Susan Adams (Comcast, retired)
  • Sherita Ceasar (Comcast)
  • Charlotte Field (Charter)
  • Theresa Hennesy (Somos, Inc.)
  • Yvette Kanouff (Cisco)
  • Christy Martin (iBox Systems, Inc.)
  • Patricia Martin (Cox Northeast Region)
  • Stephanie Mitchko-Beale (Cross Mediaworks)
  • Debi Picciolo (Charter)
  • Eilisa Reid (Charter Communications)
  • Edwidge Robinson (Comcast)
  • Vibha Rustagi (Cognizant)
  • Patricia Sjauw (Liberty Global)
  • Carolyn Terry (Comcast)
  • Jennifer Yohe Wagner (Comcast)


  • Shellie Vrzal (Cox Communications)
  • Carrie Engelbrecht (Cox Communications)
  • Catherine Thompson (Cox Communications)
  • Erica Hulings (Charter Communications)
  • Danielle Nieto (Altice USA)
  • Sneha Desai (Cadent)
  • Bin Wen (Comcast)
  • Ellie Wang (Altice USA)
  • Gaylen Clutter (Evertz Microsystems)
  • Smruti Naik (Cox Communications)
  • Janet McGuire (Charter Communications)
  • Irene Alvarez (Charter Communications)
  • Joan Sliman (Cable ONE)
  • Kinsey Civili (Charter Communications)
  • Camille Marcos Napa (Cadent)


Testimonials from Women’s TechConnect Mentees

“The mentors have given me priceless advice. They have been perfect listening partners and great sounding boards. The fact that women are minorities in the technical areas within the industry makes it difficult to network with other technically oriented women. Being a mentee in this program has opened doors that may have never opened if I were not a mentee. The networking opportunities to meet technically-oriented women in the industry have been a wonderful experience. I would encourage anyone with aspirations of growing and advancing in their careers to apply for this program.”
Misty Duckworth, Program Manager, Critical Infrastructure, Time Warner Cable – West Region

“This experience has truly positioned me for success and for that I am forever grateful.  I am more confident now than ever before. I not only look for the challenge, but I’ve learned to raise my hand and ask for the challenge.”
Shelly Farmer, Account Manager, IBBS

“My relationship with my mentor was a fabulous vantage point in being able to understand how to navigate my way through interviews for my very first VP job with my employer. I appreciate being given the opportunity to participate in the program.  The program helped me achieve what I wanted which was to have a mentor that could give some great guidance on how to get to the next phase of my career, while also being a friend who cared about me.”
Patricia Martin, Vice President, Network Operations, Cox Communications

“The Women’s TechConnect Initiative has been a great opportunity to meet and share ideas and aspirations with a dynamic group of women across the cable industry.  Having a mentor that has accomplished so much personally and made significant contributions to the industry has been a great asset. The networking, webinars, and one-on-one meetings with my mentor have helped to deepen my understanding of the opportunities available, as well as continue to develop my personal brand and skills so that I can achieve my goals. The TechConnect Initiative is a great opportunity to learn more about the industry and to gain valuable insights for the women pioneers that are leading the way!”
Carol Ann Sweeney, Senior Manager, Procurement, Comcast


WICT gratefully recognizes the WICT Women in STEM Sponsor