The Workshops will encompass hands-on learning opportunities designed around unique tactics for career development.

Location: Majestic Complex, 6th Floor

Lean In with

Your Zone of Genius

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Performance Strategist

Garnett Consulting, LLC

Wired for Authenticity:
Seven Practices to Inspire,
Adapt and Lead

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Leadership Inc.



Building and Leverating a Knockout LinkedIn Profile


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Susan Tabor-Kleiman, J.D.


Your Professional Writer


10:15 am – 11:15 am

Lean In with Your Zone of Genius

Laura Garnett

Performance Strategist

Garnett Consulting, LLC

How do you achieve the kind of success you desire? We have entered an era that is screaming at you to lean in; lean in to your work, lean in to the opportunities, lean in to the fulfillment you deserve. But how do you actually go about getting there? There is only one path to breakthrough success and that is by knowing yourself, being who you are, and using your Zone of Genius as a navigating principle for your day-to-day work life. In this workshop, Laura Garnett will teach you how to identify and use your Zone of Genius to m aximize your business performance, resulting in more joy and fulfillment along the way. Participants will:

  • Learn precisely what is the Zone of Genius and how it can boost your career 
  • Get access to your own Zone of Genius Scorecard, the one tool you need to discover what you do best and how to maximize your performance
  • Build the skills needed to think more consciously about your performance to begin making an immediate shift in the way you work 



1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Wired for Authenticity:

Seven Practices to Inspire, Adapt and Lead

Henna Inam


Transformational Leadership Inc.

Leadership today is more challenging than ever.  The rapid pace of change, constant restructuring, and a 24/7 work environment create overwhelmed employees and eroding trust in workplaces. Organizations need leaders who can inspire others, adapt rapidly, and build trust. In this highly interactive session, leaders will learn a framework of seven practices to help them bring the power of authentic leadership to the workplace. Participants will:

  • Achieve greater self-awareness of strengths and saboteurs
  • Practice new tools to develop greater authenticity and greater agility to change
  • Apply the seven practices of authenticity to a specific business goal
  • Create an action plan and accountability to move forward



2:45 pm – 3:45 pm

Building and Leveraging a Knockout LinkedIn Profile

Susan Tabor Kleiman


Your Professional Writer

 While LinkedIn tips and tools are useful, without strong content, these strategies are moot. In this highly interactive workshop, we will address how to create the content that moves your profile from one that merely contains data to one that tells a story and gets results.  You will learn how to use LinkedIn as a persuasive marketing tool, whether it’s building your own or your company’s brand, being recognized as a leader, establishing your subject matter expertise, or establishing a stronger peer network. You will also discover that you do not need to spend a lot of time on LinkedIn to reap its benefits and will hear examples of how, once you have a strong profile, results flow effortlessly.  Come away inspired to create a profile you love with actionable steps to take immediately.