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  • The Employment Policy Foundation reports that within ten years, there will be 6 million more jobs than available college graduates to fill them and the U.S. Department of Education says women now earn the majority, close to 60%, of all degrees conferred, from Associate’s Degrees to Professional and Doctoral Degrees.
  • Women in their top ranks are more profitable companies, with higher employee retention and greater overall staff morale.
  • In a study of 506 U.S. based businesses, each 1% increase in the rate of gender diversity resulted in an approximately 3% increase in sales revenues, up to the rate represented in the relevant population. – American Sociological Association
  • Improved gender diversity creates better organizations: greater creativity and innovation, improved teamwork and flexibility. – Pfizer and AstraZeneca
  • Women in the US make 83% of all consumer purchases and control 20 trillion dollars globally. – Business Week & Harvard Business Review
  • The top quarter of Fortune 500 companies with the greatest number of women representatives on their corporate boards outperform those in the lowest quartile by at least 53% in return on equity. – Deloitte
  • A global survey revealed that 72% of corporative executives believe there is a direct connection between gender diversity and improved financial success. – McKinsey
  • The number of American women earning advanced degrees has now surpassed the number of men for the first time in U.S. history. Additionally, women have earned more undergraduate degrees than men since 1996. – U.S. Census Bureau
  • According to Accenture’s 2016 Getting to Equal report, there is evidence that formal learning programs can speed up career growth for women. Accenture’s research also revealed a connection between having taken a leadership development course and the desire for a top job.

Accenture: Women’s Research

Women throughout the world tackle a variety of issues to succeed in the workplace. Accenture has conducted a number of research studies that reveal what’s important to women and their careers. Visit Accenture to review their findings.