PAR Initiative


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WICT develops women leaders who transform our industry.

Creating Leaders. Together.
WICT embraces a spirit of collaboration within its organization and throughout the industry. We partner with cable and telecommunications industry leaders to provide leadership programs and services, and challenge these companies to create professional advancement opportunities for women. 


The PAR Initiative (Pay Advancement & Resources) is the WICT Foundation’s advocacy initiative to both measure and support the advancement of women in the cable and telecommunications industry against the following standards: 

  • Pay Equity where women are paid equal to men at every level.
  • Advancement opportunities where women are represented in equal numbers to men at every level.
  • Resources for work/life where companies’ work/life support practices enable the ongoing advancement of women at all levels.

Discover what industry leaders are saying about the PAR Initiative (2015 report).


The principal goal of the PAR Initiative is to help companies in our industry achieve the equality of women in the workplace by:

  • Measuring the progress of women in specific companies and throughout the industry toward achieving PAR standards,
  • Providing programs and services to support companies in achieving PAR standards,
  • Recognizing individuals and companies doing outstanding work to achieve PAR standards.

The Business Case

The best way for a company to meet the needs of its customers is to “look like” them – and as the advocacy facts show, women are very important cable and telecommunications customers. Yet, female representation at the corporate level is abysmally low.


Industry support of and participation in the PAR Initiative will help make companies stronger, expose them to best practices from across the industry, and help them attract and retain the best people. By creating stronger companies, each will be able to compete more effectively – while also contributing to the improvement and growth of the entire industry.